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Pulses Cleaning, Grading and Milling Plants

With our extensive experience Dr.-Ing. N.K. Gupta Technical Consultants offer a full spectrum of engineering services for the state-of-the-art production of high-quality pulses (dals/dhals).

To our disposal are over thirty years of experience, trained manpower and the latest know-how in pulses cleaning, grading and milling technology from leading manufacturers.

Technical Services for Pulses Cleaning, Grading and Milling Plants

We offer our new and existing clients specialised engineering services for high capacity and state-of-the-art production of high-quality lentils and pulses:

Technical Consultancy for Pulses Cleaning, Grading and Milling Plants:

  1. Preparation of Technical Report
  2. Preparation of complete layout drawings with load, cross sectional & longitudinal detail
  3. Preparation of disposition of building drawings (cutout in the slabs) giving details of loads on floors (excluding architectural and structural drawings)
  4. Preparation of technological projects and 30 technical drawings covering:
    • Complete machinery specifications and details
    • Electrical details like list of electrical motors, list of geared motors/gear boxes, electrical key chart showing floor wise loads, transformer & generator details
    • Drive details
    • Specifications and sizes of worms, elevators, fans, cyclones, filter, compressor, hoppers etc.
    • Pulleys, Couplings and V-Belts
    • Bolting cloth details for centrifugals
    • Cleaning process diagram
    • Milling flow chart/flow sheet providing details of stock movement
    • Specifications of the laboratory equipment
  5. Guidance of project erection/commissioning according to the technological project and the submitting of the following:
    • Erection material list
    • Spouting list (gravity pipe details and its material list)
    • Fabrication material list
    • Exhaust drawings for all the machines
  6. Provision of necessary technical know-how for manufacturing equipment for aspiration system, spouting, gravity pipe, spouts, bends, distributing spouting, valves, outlet hoppers, sacking benches, cyclones, conveyors, elevators etc.
  7. Selection of the machines, materials and contractors personnel
  8. Experimental milling according to the specifications of the product. (Before the trial run, the Mills has to appoint Miller and other personnel)
  9. Guidance in plant operation

Expert Engineering Services for Affordable Solutions:

Dr.-Ing. N. K. Gupta Technical Consultants strive to provide customers with the most economical state-of-the-art solution for their milling projects.

With the core cleaning and milling machinery procured from companies such as those mentioned above, Dr.-Ing. N. K. Gupta Technical Consultants provides invaluable advice and buying power in procuring the remaining equipment from other equipment manufacturers who offer the best value-price ratio.

Customers can be assured that expert advice and assistance is provided throughout the entire equipment procurement process.