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Automatic Dampening System NC6


  • Applicable for any intensive dampener
  • Exact water dosage dependent on target moisture
  • Successfully operating in more than 700 mills worldwide
  • Available with integrated weighing system


The Automatic Dampening System NC6 is suited for the following applications:

  • Continuous measurement of moisture, hl-weight, temperature and weighing of flow capacity
  • Exact humidification of grain to attain constant moisture level of the product

The Automatic Dampening System NC6 measures continuously in free flow. The
product moisture content is measured in the bypass pipe.


By application of the Automatic Dampening System a mill can achieve optimal performance by maintaining its grain moisture at a constant level. The required water amount to be given into the grain – in order to achieve target moisture – is calculated of actual moisture and grain flow.

Applied Products:

All free flowing grain types can be measured, e.g. wheat, spelt, rye, barley, oat, maize, pepper and malt.


The Automatic Dampening System NC6 consists of three structural components, which may be mounted independently of each other: measuring pipe, computer and water dosage unit


The housing is supplied in standard steel, powder-coated in color RAL7032; inlet and outlet pipes are round. The following sizes are available:


The measuring pipe must be installed vertical and be installed upstream of the conditioning screw. Optional installation can be upstream of the latest elevator. Inlet and outlet are connected with flared pipe ends. In case of vibrations the inlet and outlet must be uncoupled with rubber sleeves.

Evaluation electronic:

The evaluation is available for panel mounting (24 V DC) or inside wall housing (230 V AC), with LCD-Display und keypad, display of measuring values and amounts, graphic recording over 12h, 6 product specific calibrations possible, alarm and limit value observation, RS232/485-interface

Water dosing unit:

The water dosing unit can be installed anywhere along the water supply line of the conditioning screw and can be operated manually. Pressure fluctuations are compensated automatically. The unit is available on panel board or inside anti-freeze box with thermoregulated heating system.