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Flour Colour Monitoring

Online flour color and ash supervision


  • Continuous flour color supervision
  • Calibration after % – ash content
  • Internal registration over 24 hours
  • Simple installation into available running pipes


The Flour Color Measuring Unit CC2 is suited for the following applications:

  • Evaluation of flour color for ash supervision
  • Registration of peelings in flour for error detection


In a measuring pipe of arbitrarily diameter there is a brightness sensor. The flour which passes the sensor is scanned continuously through a lense. The degree of brightness is amplified and evaluated electronically.

Applied Products:

Any type of flour may be used as product.


The Flour Color Measuring Unit consists of pipe housing, control lid, lense, sensor and electronic evaluation. The housing is dust-tight. It is assembled in the outlet pipe of the flour collecting screw, in an angle of 50°–80°.
The housing is made of stainless steel, inlet and outlet are round.


The following sizes are available:


The unit is integrated with flared pipe end. The pipe must be assembled so that the flour
flow permanently covers the light cone of the sensor.


The measuring signal is processed by an electronic amplifier, averaged and continuously displayed in ash %. A simple re-calibration according to laboratory parameters is possible at any time. Standard calibration curves for wheat and rye are stored in the evaluation electronic.

Evaluation Electronics:

External electronic type FE128, available for panel mounting (24 V DC) and wall mounting (230 V AC), can be assembled independently from measuring unit, with LCD display and keypad. The shown measuring value is controlled by two limit values. Limit value exceeding is alerted promptly, possible failures in grinding process and sifter defects can be detected immediately. The ash value is recorded over the last 24 hours and displayed graphically.