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Flow Controller FC3

Continuous, gravimetric dosage of free flowing bulk solids


  • Hydro-pneumatic controlled flat slider with weighing sensor
  • Exact regulation of flow capacity in kg/h
  • Summation of total amount in kg
  • Very low installation height, easy installation directly below the silo
  • Control of slider position and position presetting


The Flow Controller FC3 is suited for the following applications:

  • Production of grain blends by dosage from different silos, automatic recipe control
  • Controlled discharge of silos for constant feeding of processing machinery
  • Easy exchange of old discharging devices with low installation costs
  • For operation of the Flow Controller FC3 full product stock at the inlet of the device is required.


A hydro-pneumatic controlled flat slider is located in a steel housing. Under the flat slider there is a weighing sensor which measures the product flow rate. The user enters a desired flow capacity and starts dosage. The flat gate opens gradually and the product flows with increasing flow capacity over the weighing sensor. When reaching the desired flow capacity, movement stops.

Applied Products:

All free flowing products can be measured, e.g. grain, pulses, granules, malt, pellets, soya and diverse bruised grains.


The Flow Controller FC3 consists of basic housing, ball bearing mounted flat gate, pneumatic cylinder, weighing sensor, load cell and electric connections. The housing is dust-tight. It is mounted at the outlet of a silo or bin.
The housing is made of standard steel, powder-coatet in color RAL7032, the inlet pipe is round.


The following sizes are available:


The device is installed with flared pipe ends. On request other pipe connections can be realized. The device is installed at the outlet of a silo. Compressed air of at least 3 bar is required.


The Flow Controller has a measuring tolerance of 0.2–2%*, depending on inlet condition, product homogeneity and flow capacity.

Evaluation Electronics (External or Integrated):

External electronic type FE128
For panel mounting (24 V DC) or in wall housing (230 V AC), it can be installed independent from the dosing unit, with LCDdisplay and keypad.

Integrated electronic type FE710
Compact electronic, mounted directly at the dosing unit (24 V DC), with LED-display and keypad, easy integration via profibus interface, RS485 or analogue signals