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Online Vertical Pipe Weigher

Continuous weighing of free flowing bulk solids


  • Inexpensive, accurate weighing system
  • Easy installation with standard pipe connectors
  • Reliable system with low maintenance
  • Designed for weighing of grain, malt, pellets and granules


The Vertical Pipe Weigher DCG is suited for the following applications:

  • Continuous weighing of bulk flow for inplant control purpose
  • Pre-weighing of bulk for truck loading processes
  • Entry of quantities for silo management
  • The Vertical Pipe Weigher continuously weighs free bulk flow.


The bulk is slowed down by means of a falling brake. Then it is reaccelerated and fed into a pipe bend. The pipe bend is connected with a load cell. The measured force is proportional to the throughput.

Applied Products:

All free flowing products can be measured, e.g. grain, pulses, granules, malt, pellets, soya and diverse bruised grains.


The Vertical Pipe Weigher DCG consists of steel housing, falling brake, baffle pipe, load cell and electrical measuring system. The housing is dust-tight.
The housing is made of standard steel, powder-coated in color RAL7032, the inlet pipe is round.


The following sizes are available:


The weigher must be installed in vertical position. The inlet is supplied with flared tube end, the outlet is connected by a floor flange. In case of vibrations the in- or outlet must be disconnected by rubber sleeves. Air flowing through the weigher due to pressure differences must be prevented. For pressure compensation there is an additional pipe connection at the outlet of the housing.


The measuring tolerance lies at +/- 0,5 – 2 %*, depending on feed design, product homogneity and throughput.

Evaluation Electronics:

External electronic type FE128
Available for panel mounting (24 V DC) or inside wall housing (230 V AC), can be installed independent from the dosing unit, connection of max. 2 weighing units, with LCD-display and keypad, display of capacity and total weight, preselection function, output if kg-pulses and analogue output of capacity (0-10 V), graphic registration over 48h, 10 product-specific
calibrations possible, RS232-485-interface.