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Rotor Weigher

Continuous weighing of poor flowing bulk solids


  • Sealed dust-tight and maintenance-free system
  • Low installation height, easy assembly
  • Largely insensitive to vibrations
  • Direct mass flow measurement with high accuracy
  • Patented and proven measuring system


The Rotor Weigher RC is suited for the following applications:

  • Continuous weighing of bulk flow for implant control purpose and calculation of extraction
  • Frequency controlled dosage for production of blends or additives


A vertically aligned rotor is located inside the Rotor Weigher. It is driven at constant speed. The product is fed to the center of the rotor and accelerated to approx. 9 m/s. The occurring Coriolis force is gathered by a torsion spring and captured by a flux induction sensor. The system is completely proportional to the mass flow measurement. Material-specific characteristics such as flow characteristics or friction are not included in the measurement as errors.

Applied Products:

A large number of poor flowing products can be measured, e.g. flour, powder and bran.


The Rotor Weigher consists of housing, motor, gear transmission, driving axle, rotor plate and measurement instrumentation. The housing is dust-tight. The housing is made of stainless steel, the inlet is round.


The following sizes are available:


Inlet and outlet are supplied with flare tube ends. Product should be fed in straight direction.
Air flowing through the weigher due to pressure differences must be prevented. If necessary
a bypass pipe for pressure compensation must be installed.


The measuring tolerance lies at +/- 0,5*, depending on feed design, product homogeneity
and throughput.

Evaluation Electronics:

External electronic type FE128
Available for panel mounting (24 V DC) or inside wall housing (230 V AC), can be installed independent from the dosing unit, connection of 1 weighing unit, with LCD-display and keypad, display of capacity and total weight, preselection function, output if kg-pulses and analogue output of capacity (0-10 V), graphic registration over 48h, RS232-485-interface.